About Us

Ann and Asa is a partnership of two photographic artists, Monique Kelly & Nick Smith. 
This site shows some of our art, commentary and series works alongside some freelance work from the last decade or so.  

The first four thematically compiled galleries are;

 A sense of the place, 

Flight path, 

Not heard,  

Shrines of the Diaspora. 


Introduces some freelance output, through to  

Portraits, Performance, Editorial & Commissioned.    

Sequence & series. 

Mixed age works examining various aspects of 'photographic confinement.' 

This gallery also introduces the projects section of the site. 

Most carry further information at the beginning of each section.  

The Facebook research page "Stand by West One" can also be accessed via the link in Galleries.

 All images © Annandasa, Nick Smith or Monique Kelly, 1988-2019.  All rights reserved.

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